Kinds of Therapy:
Below are some of the Kinds of therapeutic, medical and manual therapy massage we offer as well as situations and suggestions we have on fitting massage into a vacation or life schedule!
Acadia Massage
Our signature therapeutic massage is a combination of techniques designed to achieve or exceed the goals you have for your therapy session. We ask you what brings you into our office, briefly what your medical history is, what kind of massage or pressure you prefer and then we design a massage specifically for your situation using a wide selection of styles and types of massage that we do.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, light-touch method of evaluating and enhancing the craniosacral system, the environment in which the brain and spinal cord function. An imbalance or dysfunction in the craniosacral system can cause sensory, motor or neurological disabilities and central nervous system disorders. These problems may include chronic pain, eye difficulties, scoliosis, headaches, neck and back pain, TMJ, chronic fatigue, motor-coordination impairments and learning disabilities, as well as other physical and psychological problems. The therapy has been successfully used to treat these problems since the 1980's, and Robin has been doing this therapy since 1985. This modality can be done with loose-fitting clothing on. Ask about rates.

Pregnancy Massage
We offer Pregnancy Massage and Craniosacral Therapy for new mothers after the 1st Trimester to increase a mother’s energy levels, reduce anemia, improve lymphatic circulation, reduce stress and promote relaxation, relieve back, hip, leg and feet stress, and improve the outcome of labor. Most mothers can lie face down using our Pregnancy Body Cushion to create a safe space for her baby. Craniosacral Therapy is helpful during pregnancy, and very important post-partum to help restore your body’s pre-pregnancy functioning. Ask about our Pregnancy Package: 6 massages plus 1 post-partum Craniosacral Therapy session for the price of 6 – save $120 to $180 depending on the length of your sessions. A great Shower Gift to ask for!

Sports Massage
Rejuvenate from a hard day of sports activities with a muscle rejuvenating sports massage. Our trained therapists can also perform pre-event or post-event massage for your triathalon or marathon.

Couples Massage
Book an hour or two hour massage and split it between you. No waiting between appointments. When we have several therapists on staff in the summer, we can sometimes offer couples the luxury of having a massage at the same time! Minimum one hour per couple in our office or one and one-half hour per couple at your location.

Honeymoon Massage
A wedding is a joyous occasion but also a very stressful one. Let go of the months and weeks of planning-stress with a relaxing massage. Our therapist can travel to your honeymoon suite, or if you prefer, you may come to our office.

Rehabilitation/Manual Therapy
Our expert professionals can fill your Massage Therapy rehabilitation prescription from your physician. Start or continue on the road to recovery, or perhaps you have a chronic condition that our therapists may be able to help. We have assisted many visitors and locals to return to pain-free status with the leading-edge techniques we use. Let us help you speed recovery and lessen chronic pain. Due to the intensive and specialized nature of the manual therapy used for Rehabilitation, please call to discuss a treatment plan, a prescription from your physician, and for rates.

Corporate Massage
Planning a meeting, wedding or convention? Our group of highly trained therapists can set up on-site and massage your participants. Let them sneak out of meetings during the day for a 15 or 20 minute massage break, or offer massage during extended breaks. Or let us set up at your wedding hotel and massage the whole wedding party! Our experience lets your people get just the right therapy they need to relax or function better! Email or call for Corporate rates and availability.

Check-in Massage
Fly or drive most of the day to get to Bar Harbor? How about an early dinner, an evening Therapeutic Massage for those neck knots and back stiffness so you get a good night's sleep and start your first full day on the Island refreshed?

Wake-up Massage
We can send a Therapist to your hotel early on your first vacation day to help you get rid of that travel or work-related stress so you can get your vacation off to a great start! Let the early riser go first, and someone gets to sleep an extra hour or have breakfast downstairs! Then you are both on your way for the day.

Mid-Day Siesta
Ready for an extended lunch-break after an early rise, and a 20 mile bike ride, tough hike, shopping or a kayak trip? Take a break from the heat of a summer's day - you can even ride your bike or car right off the Park Loop Road a few blocks to our air-conditioned office. Let our Massage Therapist work out the tight spots in your quads and neck, have a leisurely lunch and go out and bike or explore the other side of the island 'til sundown!

Early Riser
After Breakfast, bike, hike, or drive over to our office for an early morning appointment, and be on your way for the day's activities; whale watching, canoeing, shopping, or driving the Park Loop Road.

Sleepy Head
Does vacation mean sleeping late? How about a late morning or early afternoon Therapeutic Massage at your hotel or our air-conditioned office. Then you can leisurely stroll through Bar Harbor or Acadia National Park, do some shopping before dinner and a sunset sail on Frenchman Bay, or a scenic drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain to see the sun set!

Long, Hard Day!
Planning to play hard all day taking in all Acadia National Park has to offer? Sailing, an all day kayak trip, biking around the carriage roads, or hiking up Cadillac Mountain? Come in at the end of the day for a Therapeutic Massage before a later dinner..... Or catch the early bird restaurant specials followed by an early evening Therapeutic Massage. Next day, you will be glad you planned ahead!

Stressed to the Max
Have a stressful job/life? Did you know that accumulated stress can shave years off your life, and that Therapeutic Massage is one of the best methods to combat stress? Use your vacation to get your body back on track, letting go of chronic tension. Come in for an hour and a half or two hour massage at least once, or daily or every other day if you can make that commitment. Relax to soothing music with warm packs and aromatherapy oils to lower your anxiety level, and de-stress overly tense muscles in the neck, head, jaw and back.
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